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Stop Calling It White Privilege!

I'm going to say this slowly for the Peanut Gallery:

It's not white privilege, it's white advantage.

Privilege suggests that things are easy in your life, you're rich and don't have to deal with any stress as a white person. You live a Leave It To Beaver life crossed with a Robin Leach presentation. If you've ever watched the Trailer Park Boys, you know that's not true.

Why is the difference important? You're not guaranteed a million dollars or that a cop won't beat you up, but there's a good chance that if you're respectful, haven't committed any serious crime recently and just have a broken tail light or went 5 km above the speed limit, you'll probably just get away with a warning. That wasn't the case for Philando Castile, or a bunch of other black guys were shot multiple times while cops (and in this case, their family) watched them bleed to death.

Philando Castile
Philando Castile

I know there are certainly instances where police officers have gone overboard (to say the least) and committed crimes against white people. The difference is, they're not targeting us because we're white. Unless of course you're Jewish, and then you'll have a bunch of tiki torch bearing psychopathic zombies looking for you. Please move out of Charlottesville and come to Canada. I need a good Kosher deli near me.

Racists shit all over Black Lives Matter, but it wouldn't be necessary to say it if they weren't being treated like their lives don't matter. If you don't understand that, you need to go back to your Social Studies 11 class and ask your teacher why they gave you a passing grade. If they're wearing a MAGA hat or have multiple AR-15s, you probably know the answer to that question.

The distinction is vitally important because we're just dividing each other unnecessarily. Sure, there are people who are genuinely racist, too far gone and you're never going to reach them unless they have an American History X style experience.

But a lot of white people look at their situation and feel like they're being ignored by society and their government, and when they see "people of colour" (yeah, I hate that term too) who are in just as dire a situation as them but seemingly getting the attention and assistance they need, it causes them to turn to powerful racists. "Black Lives Matter? Doesn't my life matter too? I'm in just as rough a situation. What about me?"

So let's be clear. "White Privilege" doesn't exist. "White Advantage" absolutely exists. When we figure out where we're at with the English language, maybe we'll be able to figure a few other things out.

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