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Political Correctness: More Blazing Saddles, Less Birth of A Nation

There are very few George Carlins, Mel Brookses or Richard Pryors anymore. Back in the day, there were people who actually used free speech and comedy to bring people together. In 2023, if you're hearing someone, especially a white person, joke about race, chances are, if you're not getting an instant tension headache, there could be a problem.

There are exceptions, obviously. But when dealing with these kinds of issues, nobody seems to know the difference between satire and actually meaning what you say.

In years past, you could always expect censorship to come from the Far Right of the political spectrum. If it didn't match their religious or traditional sensibilities, they didn't want to see or hear it, and they definitely didn't want you to see or hear it either. Just watch US Network Television to this day.You can reenact a mass murder, but an exposed female breast or a word that is deemed "indecent" will get you a huge fine.

Today, it's the pseudo-Left, or the neoliberals, who want to censor you if you say something they don't understand, but they get the Beavis and Butthead response.

Maybe we're all just a little too ADD for our own good. I actually read a Twitter comment the other day which actually said, "context doesn't matter."

Context ALWAYS matters. Context is everything. Discrimination against people on the basis of things they can't control is always cringeworthy, but I'm more than happy to mock the willfully ignorant. If you can't pay attention long enough to decide rationally what is prejudiced and what isn't, I'm not going to coddle you.

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