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Lunch @ Six Mile Pub & Eatery (20/01/2023

Today, I decided to check out Six Mile Pub in Langford, BC on Vancouver Island. It's pretty much one shocker after another.

Up top, we have a lobster bisque, which in a pub you wouldn't think would be fantastic, but it had actual pieces of lobster in it. Unreal.

Then we have that rare occasion where you find a North American pub that knows what a sheep is. It's called shepherd's pie, not cottage pie. Cottage pie has beef. Shepherd's Pie has lamb.

In addition, the meat was ground this morning in house. I even found a strip of unground lamb. It's like finding a bay leaf in something that lets you know it's homemade. Big thumbs up for that.

At the bottom we have a dessert known as South of Heaven. Granny Smith apples drenched in Southern Comfort are topped with dulche de leche, an oat crumble and local vanilla ice cream.

Excellent pub and easily the best I've been to since moving to Vancouver Island.

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