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Lunch @ Penny Farthing Pub in Victoria, BC, Canada

I'll keep this brief, since I only ordered the one appetizer today.

At the most traditional English pub I've found in Victoria, the Penny Farthing, I had the light lunch of a stuffed Yorkshire pudding. Inside a mini Yorkshire, we have sliced roast beef with gravy and horseradish. I also got some horseradish on the side. Excellent. The gravy was well up to standard and the roast beef was tender and cooked perfectly.

As a side note, I understand a new menu is coming next week, and according to staff, they had a tasting yesterday and it got rave reviews. So I'll definitely be back for that. Maybe next week, as I'm making the trip up to Victoria anyway.

Geez, these places need to start paying me for sending them customers....

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