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It's Been A While....

Updated: Mar 20

No, I didn't say "it's been a minute." I'm not Suge Smith trying to garner unmerited sympathy after physically assaulting someone, which, contrary to the belief of many Gen Zs, is still a crime. Jokes aren't. Get your rich parents to buy you an island and then you can make up your own rules.

To paraphrase Chris Rock from my perspective, I may be white, but I don't fight in front of anyone. It's bad enough getting your ass kicked in a shoot fight, but getting beat up with an audience, possibly also to a soundtrack since everyone has a cell phone that will make pancakes now (guilty), is not my idea of fun.

I already have chronic pain that I take multiple over the counter medication for, and I don't need to double my money. Fuck that shit. Thanks to tinnitus, I don't need to listen to "Summertime" to have ringing in my ears. Thoughts and prayers, Mr. Rock.

And just so you know I wasn't completely bedridden for the last couple of weeks, in my absence, I did notice Fuckstick McGee (also known as Donald John Trump) whoring himself out to the media lately, claiming he'll be arrested this coming week. Hopefully no one takes the bait, because the last thing America needs is another narcissistic, right wing martyr.

The guy and his followers are always quick to call black and brown people "violent thugs," but the last time America's first literal "person of colour" president called for something like that, Capitol Hill looked like a war zone.

Nothing says "I'm a true patriot" like destruction of public property at your nation's capital. What was it they were saying again about Colin Kaepernick "disrespecting" the flag and Black Lives Matter being "violent thugs"? Oh, I forgot, they're black. Their job, according to these racist scumbags, is to shut the hell up and know their role.

America: Love It Or Leave It - unless, of course, you're a far right conspiracy theorist who's pissed off that your guy got his ass handed to him. The only reason it wasn't a squash match is because the guy he was running against already has one foot and half his 200 year old ass in the grave.

I'm back. Tip your servers (because it's 2023 and I'm an inclusive asshole). Maybe you'll hear from me tomorrow. Assuming there are any repeat offenders to this corner of the World Wide Web. Thank you, fuck you, bye!

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