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Introducing Agnes and Winnie: Kids With Claws

Agnes Winnie
Agnes and Winnie

I don't know how prominently these 2 will be featured. Depends on feedback, I suppose. These 2 stepsisters were adopted from a shelter that had them flown in from California. I guess that's why they're always under the leg lamp.

Their names were taken from 2 of the main characters from the BBC sitcom "Mrs. Brown's Boys." Little did I know how much they would actually live up to their namesakes. Agnes is the black and white/calico cat and Winnie is the flame point siamese.

Anyone who says cats are easier to take care of or more intelligent than dogs has clearly never had to look after one - or two. Breakfast is at 3:30 AM sharp, regardless of the occasion and if Dinner isn't available at 4 PM PST sharp, suddenly the keyboard on my laptop becomes feline bedding. Maybe that's where the intelligence part comes in.

I never wanted kids. I saw how my father treated them and didn't want that curse passed on. I have more of a kinship with domestic animals than I do with humans, anyway. And yes, cats are definitely more judgmental than dogs. They will hound you (ironically enough) until they get what they want. Training? What's that?

When a dog looks at you, they're thinking: "You feed me, water me and pet me. You must be God." When a cat looks at you, they're thinking: "You feed me, water me and pet me. I must be God. Now clean my toilet, slave!"

I previously shared a home with an American Cocker Spaniel named Bentley, who tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 10. If you gave him the key word, he'd get excited for food or the bathroom, but unless you left the refrigerator wide open, he wasn't likely to help himself or crawl all over you until he was fed. These 2 are partners in crime.

Winnie is the athletic one who is slightly more independent, except when she's hungry. Agnes can't jump on windowsills regularly yet - though stay tuned - so she amuses herself by trying to teach me to play fetch with any small item she can track down. It's usually not their toys, because they have a habit of losing/hoarding them in places my gimpy self can't access.

For those of you wondering why I didn't adopt another puppy, it's a long story. Maybe I'll get to that later. For now, this is just an introduction. I may post videos if I get the opportunity and if the feedback on these sorts of things is positive. I guess it's an escape from the norm. Diolch.

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