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Gimp For A Day: Just Because You’re Offended Doesn’t Mean You’re Right

Anyone who is handicapped knows this is true. It's only guilty, white neoliberals (thanks, George) who think they have to be offended on everyone else's behalf and act like the language police.

If you've ever been bullied at all, you know this is true. If you're disabled, LGBTQIA+ or anyone else who is a distinct, visible minority, you're getting uncreative "jokes" throw your way in public that are designed to be a proverbial kick in the balls.

Thanks to these guilty, politically correct, self-important primadonnas, I can get disrespected and humiliated in public, but I'm "protected" from a comedians jokes or representation in comedy at all because as long as you don't have to deal with it right in front of you, that's fine. If it exists on film, then you have to make it your problem.

It's too bad we can't let these people (the politically correct mob, not the bullies) be Gimps For A Day. Then maybe they'd appreciate what it's like. Whether you're trashing me or acting like my unnecessary advocate, you're still drawing attention to something I'd rather not draw attention to.

I don't go pulling women aside and suggesting they get breast implants or reductions based on some arbitrary matter of personal opinion or some dude in the shower and tell him it's okay that his schlong isn't Tommy Lee-sized.

It's none of my business and if you really gave a damn, you'd treat me and every other Gimp the same way you treat everyone else. If a situation necessitates assistance, fine. But you're not a Good Samaritan because you want to treat gimps like invalids.

You want to help me? Get me laid. Otherwise, move along.

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