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Dinner @ India Delight Restaurant In Sooke, BC, Canada (18/01/2023

This evening, I thought I'd check out the local Indian restaurant that opened up the middle of last year, India Delight in Sooke, BC, Canada.

If you're from India reading this, my sincerest apologies. I'm just a dumb white guy who happened to live near a big South Asian community in British Columbia and grew up on the cuisine. I'm not an expert.

At the top, we have palak paneer, a spinach dish with ginger, garlic, spices and Indian paneer cheese, medium spiced.

Below that, we have veggie pakoras fried in chickpea flour, served with mint and tamarind chutneys. Better than any junk food you'll ever have.

Then we have butter chicken, also served medium spiced (yeah, I'm a pussy). I'm always down for a good murg makhani.

Finally, we have the best coconut rice I've ever had.

Not bad for a small Indian restaurant in an even smaller town on Vancouver Island. So far, it's the best Indian restaurant on the Island that I've come across.

There's a lot of North Americanized Chinese, Italian and Indian joints in Canada, but thankfully, the Pacific Northwest is full of authentic places.

Nobody wants to get Thai food from Johnny Mac's Thai Bistro. Some white guy behind the counter verbally abusing his white wife to put a rush on the Pad Thai with ingredients she bought from the Asian aisle at Safeway. "Does this look Thai to you? They use soya sauce, don't they?" Cringe!

It's even worse when they hire people straight off the boat and then pay them less than minimum wage under the table illegally with no benefits.

Well, I guess that's enough of that.

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