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10 Ways To Tell If You're An Old Fart

  1. You've ever used the term "hip hop and be-bop" to describe ANY form of modern music, especially if it's not rap music. Bonus points if it's the most vanilla pop song with no aspects of hip hop to it whatsoever. Simmer down, Jive Turkey.

  2. You've ever used the term "those people" or "them people" to describe a group of human beings of a different race from you. You can't hide behind political correctness to conceal your racism.

  3. You've ever asked why "kids today" don't respect their elders - and you lived through the 1960s.

  4. Your generation made decisions that led us to this rotten economic situation, but you still blame "millennials" after you helped to steal their future. I believe the term is Victim Blaming.

  5. You can't manage something as simple and user friendly as a basic touch screen interface.

  6. You've ever started a sentence with "in my day." Listen, in your day, the Stonewall Riots happened where police assaulted unarmed LGBTQIA+ people. Then again, I'm sure black people today would say "what else is new?" and "welcome to my world."

  7. You've ever thought that younger people have it easier than you because they have a cell phone that can text and go online. No, they have a distraction from the mess you created. Don't judge them for how they react to it.

  8. You make up your own rules as you go along.

  9. You think public services and corruption automatically go hand in hand, but in the corporate world, that never happens.

  10. You think you can get away with inappropriate, disrespectful and borderline criminal behaviour just because your hair has gone white and you have a few wrinkles.

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