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10 Things I’d Do If I Could Travel Back In Time

  1. Invest in real estate.

  2. Save 3 lives between 1963 and 1968.

  3. Pay visit to Munich in 1923. Schindler's List was a great movie, but....

  4. Try a REAL Coca Cola.

  5. Try some Indica cough medicine.

  6. Introduce white kids in the 50s to gangsta rap. There wouldn't be a dry pair of underwear for miles.

  7. Bring back a brand new 1992 Chrysler Imperial. Velour interiors rule!

  8. Give Billy Blythe's and Ronald Reagan's fathers a couple of Magnums and make sure they use them.

  9. Participate in a (legal) medical LSD experiment in 1967. Just not one run by the Central Intelligence Agency.

  10. Give my grandpa a condom.

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