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10 Reasons To Just Give Up (7 February 2023)

Updated: Feb 10

  1. Hand Drawn Cartoons are dead. D-e-d, dead. Instead of real artistry and creativity, we've got some pervert in his basement with one hand in his crotch and the other using a more sophisticated version of Microsoft PaintBrush.

2. This shit. Hope she's safe and happy. Seems like she hooked up with a decent guy.

3. Tinnitus. Not that it helped, but on a positive note, I always knew if a box television was turned on, even if it was muted. The ringing would get louder.

4. How exactly did we go from this:

To this:

5. Who exactly in Washington DC thought it was a good idea to shoot down a Chinese balloon over the Pacific Ocean? Does America now own the ocean? "They were spying on us." Oh, like you assholes spy on everyone else and violate every other country's sovereignty? The difference here is that the balloon never came near the United States.

DC is making Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys seem intelligent.

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